NEWDAY 2018 – the Nansen East West Dialogue Academy

NEWDAY is a cross-cultural dialogue academy founded to provide a platform for the development of closer and better relations among scholars and university students from East Asia and the Nordic region of Europe. NEWDAY offers an inter-disciplinary training program addressing current global challenges in a unique social setting.


Why this and why now?

Globalization might be a buzzword, but for better or worse it is increasingly a reality that affects our societies and calls for action. NEWDAY reacts on this globalization.   

We are globally interconnected, and big issues like climate change, growing inequality and political animosity among states is a matter for all to consider. At the same time, we have cultural roots. A cross-fertilization of East Asian and Nordic cultures has innovative potentials, regarding social morality, values and norms.


Dialogue about what among whom?

The pace of change has never been faster. Where we are headed is not at all clear. That is a question to be debated, and dialogue is needed. The NEWDAY project maintains that humane leadership is needed, and we believe that devoted and concerned students of today are the prospective leaders of tomorrow.

In an effort of contributing our part to this important task, we are calling concerned students from East Asia and the Nordic countries to Lillehammer, a small but Olympic town in Norway. The summer course takes place at Nansen Academy, a distinctive People’s High School, where you will spend ten days together with outstanding scholars, media people and political leaders.

The contemporary world needs open minds and innovative thinking. We believe that respectful cross-cultural dialogue is a necessary tool in order to create international understanding with appreciation of differences. 

The NEWDAY motto is Creating better relations by seeking mutual understanding: Harmony in diversity. You are invited to join us. Welcome!


Application and information

Application for NEWDAY 2018 is now open. For more information, click here.

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