NEWDAY Program

We begin at 8am every morning with a solid breakfast. The morning program runs from 9am till lunch, including a short break halfway through. The afternoon program runs from app 2:00, and also includes a short break. The evening program is relevant but less demanding. It features artistic performances, outdoor campfire, and group activities and continues till app 10pm.

Day 1: Introduction

  • Getting together, getting to know each other
  • Why a Dialogue Academy, its aims or our possible role
  • Cultural roots, East and West

Day 2: Grand Challenges

  • Our contemporary world
  • Critical issues of our time
  • East meets West: same challenges, different perspectives?

Day 3: Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Human beings, cultural products?
  • Socialization, being cultured?
  • East and West, moving together or drifting apart?

Day 4: Traditional and New Media

  • Perceived role on social cohesion
  • Infotainment and information overload
  • Media and political populism

Day 5: Animosities in International Politics

  • Do we all need enemies?
  • The Korean peninsula as a testbed for global peace and conflict
  • Media and the North Korean Case

Day 6 & 7: Green Agenda in a Good Society (a two day excursion)

  • Economic development, environmental destruction?
  • Nature – Culture, the main challenges and how to act responsibly

Day 8: Science, Education and Society

  • The future of education, and education for what?
  • Skills versus Human Qualities, individual and societal needs

Day 9: Memory and Identity

  • The role of history, East and West
  • How to understand nationalism, historical and emotional perspectives

Day 10: Unity with Diversity

  • Eurasia – East West common future?
  • After Globalization?
  • Human relations, social relations
  • A network is formed